Monday, September 7, 2015

Dear Fat People - Response

The “Dear Fat People” video by Canadian Nicole Arbour, started a major outrage and response videos and posts all over social media.

Nicole Arbour has a pretty impressive following not only on YouTube, but on her other social media platforms as well. Which makes it even more sickening that she thought it would be okay to share her “opinion” on “fat people”. I’d put a link to her video, but I can’t because her channel has now been shut down by YouTube. But let me give you a run down. Nicole starts by, rambling about basically nothing, then going on to explain how she doesn’t believe that fat shaming is a thing, because when people say mean things about fat people, it’s not to make them feel bad. Mean comments and stereotypical insults inform fat people: obesity is a health issue and they should start taking better care of themselves.

She goes through the video making horrible comments, acting out scenarios in which she not only picks on the limited movement of overweight people, but also touches on race, homosexuality and other disabilities in the most ignorant fashion I think I’ve ever experienced. She claims she understands how “brown people” feel when she gets searched at the airport, and how she likes “black women in church dresses”. I wonder if she realizes she’s also being racist?

It really annoys me that she's Canadian.

Nicole also claims towards the beginning of the video that this video isn’t aimed towards people who have specific health issues contributing to weight loss – however then describes a situation at the airport in which “fat people” got special treatment by staff, that they didn’t deserve because they’re unhealthy. Really Nicole? So you could tell just by looking at them that they didn’t have a health problem? That they ended up fat because they eat uncontrollably and don’t care about their health? You’re 100% sure they don’t have any mental or physical health issues? Oh okay, you’re a psychic, so you knew that stuff. Cool, you can keep being an asshole then.

What I really don’t understand is how this video topic even affects her. Why are you so concerned with other people’s weight? You want to shame people with bad habits to make them stop. Okay. You’re so concerned about fat people killing themselves, how kind of you. So to solve this you decide to make an extremely offensive and inaccurate video, where you not only discriminate against obese people, you make ignorant comments about numerous other minorities. She also tries to comically explain how she’s a minority. Um yeah, you failed there.

This video is only becomes more offensive as she talks about how giving obese people closer parking spots is assisted suicide. This is horribly insensitive when one examines the statistics surrounding teen suicides as a result of bullying. Did she do any research before spewing this shit? How can you feel okay saying that, knowing that kids have killed themselves because of this exact issue?

She also makes it blatantly clear that she doesn’t understand the meaning of the term “body positive”. She claims you’re body positive if you “work out and eat well”. Newsflash Nicole, not everyone’s body is the same, and some people have mental conditions that prevent them from simply working out and eating healthily. Instead of trying to give advice on issues you clearly know nothing about, why not be BODY POSITIVE and accept people for how they look, instead of judging them for it. Instead of being so narrow-minded, why not broaden your horizons and realize that everyone’s journey in life is different, and you have no conception of why someone looks the way they do, so instead of being an asshole about it, try to understand someone’s situation and be part of the movement making people feel beautiful for who they are.

As she continues, it’s very clear that she has absolutely no concept of what she’s doing. She flawlessly sheds light on her ignorance by mentioning drugs, (#methlove) again without realizing that addiction is also a serious mental issue. How many people were you really trying to offend here – ‘cause you’ve almost hit everybody.

She expects us to believe that her saying fat people smell like sausages, is somehow supposed to help fat people realize that they should be healthier so we can enjoy them as human beings (because they obviously aren’t normal human beings already). You’re not expressing your concern about obesity in North America, you’re being a dumbass.

So Nicole, while you go on flaunting your ignorance and privilege, you’ve actually started something positive. Your hatred and absurdity has led to intelligent, experienced people responding to your dumbassery with positivity and love. Keep on promoting your ill-informed mindset, people are better human beings than you – and they will continue to turn your cheap comedy into love and light. 

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