Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Hey everyone! I was so excited to post this, because this is my first cover of a Quebecois magazine! I've done other Canadian-Indian magazine covers, and one Australian magazine in the past, but this was especially important to me.

Without getting really into this issue (which I will in a post soon, don't worry), Indian women are highly underrepresented in all forms of media. This isn't new information. I know that magazines with white women on the covers always sell more than covers with women of colour. I've even heard people talk about this on set.

I completely understand that me being on the cover of this magazine, isn't a large step in the representation of coloured women in media. It doesn't change anything significantly. But for many, Quebec has a reputation of being much less inclusive than other areas of Canada. So it means a lot for me, a West Indian dark-skinned woman, to be chosen to be on this cover.

It reminds me of all of the work we have left to do in the society we live in. This is one magazine. We need  all media outlets to want to represent us equally. It can't be a big deal when one finally chooses to highlight a woman of colour. Do you know what I mean?

It's time. It's high time. I remember growing up and never seeing anyone that looked like me on TV or in magazines. I remember getting excited when I got an Indian barbie, because I could relate to her sari, her long black hair, her brown skin. One barbie, that's what I got when I wasn't watching a bollywood movie.

Let's make that reality different for our brown girls. Let's make them realize that they are enough. They're a valued part of society. They're worth something.


  1. GIRL you're going to make me teary-eyed again!
    This cover means SO MUCH to me not only as your booker in Montreal (because duh I'm happy that you're happy) but also as a fellow West Indian girl who did not see myself or my family represented in western media. This is a small but IMPORTANT step in diverse representation in Canadian media, and I'm so happy to share in it with you.

    Also? I COMPLETELY RELATE to your Barbie story! My Jasmine Barbie was everything when I was little.

    <3 <3 <3 Leiana

  2. Yes!! You are inspiring! These are the types of things I'm proud and happy to show my little cousins who need to grow up and see more girls who look like them represented in the media :)