Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fitness: Aerospace

I always wondered why so many models took up boxing, until I actually tried it myself. It’s so freaking amazing! It gives models the results they want – lean, toned bodies. Boxing is all about your core and cardio. By twisting your core and punching a bag (or the air), whilst in the light squat of a boxing stance, you’re really using your every muscle in one movement.

A lot of boxers also use jump rope as their main form of cardio. It seems simple, but jump rope is a highly underrated exercise. What I love about it is that I’m using my whole body the entire time. Because there are so many different tricks and skills to learn, I became so motivated to learn more and become better and better.

Boxing is very mental. I found the combos very similar to dancing, step by step. The concentration involved is paramount. That’s another thing that made me addicted to it – the mindset you get in is so powerful, you always want to feel it.

Where do I go?
I box at Aerospace High Performance Centre in New York City. In one word Aero is: intense. Whether it’s jumping rope for 30 minutes straight, punching a bag for an hour straight or doing advanced boxing combinations over and over and over… Aero offers a crazy variety of classes guaranteed to increase your stamina and whip you into shape. I especially love that their sculpting classes involve resistance bands, body bars and hand weights, making sure your muscles get a dynamic and all-around workout. Whether you want to lose weight, tone or gain specific skills, Aero will get you there.

Here are some videos of the amazing Michael training some supermodels with the techniques he teaches at Aerospace!

The skills you learn at Aerospace are also easy to do on your own. I now take my jump rope and resistance band with me everywhere! It’s so versatile – once you learn the skills it’s easy to do them anywhere. Plus, you’ll want to practice because you’ll always want to become faster, stronger and do more advanced tricks.

What don't you like?
The only downside to boxing/jump rope is that there is a huge learning curve. It’s really about your body learning to move a certain way. It can be discouraging at first. I was definitely overwhelmed in my first class…and for a couple classes after that too. If you stick to it, believe me – you will crave it because you’ll want to learn more, and you’ll love the results you get.


I’ve struggled with my stamina my whole life. I have shortness of breath, which always made it hard for me to run/swim/exercise for long periods of time. Doing Aero every day has helped me improved my stamina tenfold. I can now exercise for long periods of time without having to catch my breath or take a long break. That was something I never thought I’d be able to do. Subsequently it’s improved my overall fitness in every aspect of my life, not just boxing. I’m now better at any exercise I try, because Aero has built up my strength and endurance. I’m getting better results from every type of workout I do, because Aero has given me the foundation I need to succeed at an active lifestyle!

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