Monday, May 30, 2016

5 reasons why turning 26 is awesome!

Hey all! So it was my birthday last weekend and it was a day I was dreading a bit. Why? Well to me, going past 25 means I'm practically 30. Which is scary! Or so I thought..

Why should getting closer to 30 be a scary thing? I thought of all of the people I knew who were close to 30, or already 30 and are doing amazing things or STILL WORKING towards amazing things.

So I thought (in true Shivani style..), being 26 gives me 4 more years to accomplish all the things I want by 30. It's another opportunity to set goals! And if I don't get it all done, we'll change the age to 35 and keep working!

I decided to embrace this age, and use all of my experience up until this point as an advantage to get me to where I want to be.

I sat down and told myself: anytime I'm feeling crappy about getting older or "getting closer to 30" (quotations because, it ain't a bad thing!) I'm going to remind myself of these 5 reasons why being 26 is awesome!

1. You're no longer in your early-20s, and that's a good thing. Let's put it this way: you have no choice but to be a REAL adult now. Make it work. You're over the "I"m 25" hump and that's awesome because now you can use the next 4 years as a deadline to get shit done!

2. You have experience. By the time you're 26, most of us have graduated college, maybe even gone to graduate school or already started working a full-time job for a couple years. DUDE, that's amazing. Take all of that experience into your 4-year journey and use it to get you closer to where you want to be! (And if you haven't done any of those things, it doesn't matter - everyone's journey happens at a different pace, you can still use the next 4 years to make shit happen, don't worry).

3. You get to break barriers. You can go against the grain of other people your age and reach your goals your own way. Ever wanted to this to be said about you?: "...and she did it all before she was 30". That's what's fueling me right now! 26 is this interesting age where you're kind of supposed to be over adolescent stuff and really forming your future. (Of course this happens for everyone at different times, but I've found for a lot of people it's an important formative year). I feel like I get to be the person who says: "You know what I'm 26, choosing not to get married or have kids right now, choosing to make changes in my industry and I can still party like I did back in college". And honestly, I know that I can do all three and accomplish what I want by the time I'm 30.

4. You get to choose your path. 26 is that interesting age where your friends are getting married and having babies, working a grueling 9-5 or they still have no idea what they're doing in life and drinking their sorrows away (I'm kidding obviously there are more scenarios than that but you catch my drift). And you know what, why can't you have all three? Why can't you hustle, fall in love and party to your hearts content? The thing I love about being 26 is I feel like I'm really choosing my own path. I know that the marriage/babies thing isn't for me right now. I get to choose my career and run with it, while also having wine every night if I want to! I feel like being 26 has this stigma of expectations attached to it, so it allows me the opportunity to reflect on where I am in life in comparison to my peers and really choose what's right for me. You don't have to succumb to expectations, create your own.

5. You made it past 25 girl. Listen, no matter where you are in life, making it past 25 deserves an applause. Of course we're all still learning and growing but MAN those are difficult f*cking years of your life. You made it past high school, college, your first relationship, your first job... any number of trying life experiences. YOU GOT THROUGH IT. Honestly that's saying a lot. Use it as motivation that you will get through the next 4 years, whatever it throws at you, and all of the years to come as well.

What I'm saying is, you're a badass and being 26 is badass too. I think you can find these reasons at any age, so there's no point is getting down about age - no matter how old you are!

How old are you? Leave a comment and tell me what's awesome about being your age. See you soon dolls! xx

Saturday, May 28, 2016

My University/College Experience | Shivani Persad

Hey dolls! Here's the link to that video I was talking about in my last post. I really hope it helps and please don't hesitate to leave a comment. I love starting conversations about this stuff because it makes it easier for us to create awareness to help each other out! I really hope you enjoyed this video and if you'd like to see more like it please let me know in the comments. As always, don't forget to give it a thumbs up - it really helps me out! And go ahead and click subscribe if you haven't already. Lots of love!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

4 things I would change about my university experience!

Hey all! Later this week (Thursday) I have a video going up on my channel that talks a little bit about my university experience and some things I would change if I could do it all over again.

I thought that this would be helpful to anyone going through university right now, but also for anyone (like me) who's finished, but still does some reflection every once in a while.

I encourage you to watch the video on my channel this Thursday (click here to be redirected to my youtube channel)! However, I also thought that it could be helpful to make a simple list of these things, for easy reading :)

Looking back on my university experience, here's a couple things I would change:

1. I wouldn't be involved in so many things.
I really wanted to take advantage of university and being involved in as many things as possible. This ended up being a downfall because I was always so busy, I often couldn't make time for other important things like school or a social life. I recommend only getting heavily involved in 1-2 extra curricular activities otherwise life might become a bit too overwhelming!

2. I wouldn't have tried to control my memories and groups of friends so much.
I was so set on creating certain memories and being friends with certain people, I didn't let it organically happen. I didn't have one group of solid friends because I tried too hard to control who I hang out with. I had many different groups, because I was involved in so much. But, I wish I had just one really close group sometimes. I recommend letting friendships organically form instead of trying to micro-manage social interactions.

3. I wish I didn't place such a "life and death" type importance on grades. 
Listen, of course you're in university to earn. And that's what you're paying for. But at the same time,  it can be very destructive to place an extreme amount of importance on grades, beat yourself up, or get depressed when you don't get a good one. There is a reason students are so heavily stressed out and emotionally affected by post-secondary education. Yes, it's important - but remember there is life after school and you are more than your grades. Remember: your grades don't denote your self-worth.

4. I wish I didn't plan out my future so heavily. 
I had my 5-year plan, and it was all contingent upon me getting into this one masters program. Surprise: I didn't get in. It literally felt like the end of my world and I had no idea what I was going to do with myself. I truly felt like a failure. Perhaps, if I had let my future be a little less planned (a little more flexible) then maybe this disappointment wouldn't have hit me like a ton of bricks and caused me to plunge into a downward spiral of sadness. I recommend planning for different outcomes and realize that you need to treat all of your possible outcomes with potential reality. (Note: I did plan for other outcomes like college programs, but I never saw them as a reality so when they became my only choice I was pretty devastated. Don't allow that to happen!)

Bottom line: YOU ARE AWESOME. Take it easy, don't control too much, work hard but remember this time in your life will pass and life will go on. Plan for a future that allows changes and believe me, everything will unfold as it should.

Are you in university? Is there anything you think you could change right now to have more of a positive experience?

Are you all done university? Thinking back, is there anything you would want to change? Let me know in the comments below!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

TRINIDAD PART 5! - Shivani Persad

Alrighty here we go! It's the last video in my Trinidad series! I'm happy and sad at the same time that this video is going up. So sad that this series is over because I loved sharing it with you guys. It was honestly one of the best trips I've ever been on. But at the same time, I don't mind it being over because it means there's room for more content! And I have so much of it coming you guys - get ready! Anyways, I really hope you enjoy this last vlog especially because I give you a taste of what the Nyloon Pool is like and that's one of the best tourist attractions in Tobago! Enjoy and I'll see you soon xx

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

AZEALIA BANKS: Why are you hating?

LO AND BEHOLD EVERYONE..Azealia Banks on the troll train again. What is it with this girl? Like why are you hating? Stop. Just stop. Be happy.

The funny thing is, when I saw this crap she was saying to Zayn Malik and Skai Jackson my immediate thought was: wow you're making me regret supporting you and your stance on Iggy Azalea. 

Now while I do still agree on her overall POV on Iggy, that doesn't mean that I agree with everything she says..CLEARLY. Also, let's just get real - she's irrelevant. It just so happened that what she said about Iggy resonated with a lot of coloured people, but it's clear that she's just a troll looking to be negative and spread hate for attention, since she clearly doesn't mind hating on other women of colour lie Skai Jackson (who is 14 by the way..) or men of colour like Zayn Malik. So I'm starting to think she just got lucky with the Iggy comments. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Trinidad Part 4! | Shivani Persad

Hello lovers :) I'm so happy this vlog is finally up. For me to FINALLY go to Trinidad Carnival in my life was honestly the most amazing experience. I love my culture; the music, the food, the vibes - and I'm so happy that I have a platform here to share it with you all. I really hope you enjoy this vlog because this is kind of the highlight of the Trinidad vlog series. And honestly, it was pretty much the most fun day of the whole trip. After this, we went to Tobago - which was also pretty awesome, so you should look forward to that vlog coming next week! Stay tuned and I'll see you soon :) xx

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Featured on The Business Model!

Hey everyone - I'm so excited to share that today I was featured on The Business Model. Check out their website at! They are an amazing resource for models all over the world. Their website provides guides to different markets, information about the industry and many resources to help models develop their career and navigate this crazy fashion world. 

And here's a little excerpt of it here:

What changes, if any, would you like to see made in the industry? 
So many. But let’s start with the main three: women of colour, women of different body types and sweatshop labour. The first two are issues of representation, and they’re slowly on their way but this idea of “fast fashion” has to end. People are being paid unfairly, put to work in horrible working conditions, being treated like slaves to the industry – and for what? So you only have to pay $5 for that shirt? I don’t think so, this system isn’t working and we need to come up with a new one.

Want to see more? Here's another little quote where I talked about changes I'd like to see in the industry..

Now go click that link above and check it out!

Please show this publication your support! They're making waves by being on of the only resources of their kind online for models. I appreciate their work so much and I'm so honoured that they chose to feature me today.

Have a good one my babes xx


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How do you handle rejection and criticism?

Everyone thinks modelling is this business where everyone tells you you’re beautiful all the time. It must be so nice right? Don’t you feel so confident? Umm… no.

Where this does happen on occasion, I really think it’s important for people to understand: that much like other parts of the entertainment industry – the modelling world is based on rejection.
What do you mean Shivani? I see you in advertisements, clients must like you, it doesn’t seem like you’re getting rejected.

Monday, May 2, 2016


Hey everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful Monday! I wanted to invite you all to join in my hashtag #posewithshiv. I basically started this hashtag because I had a lot of friends and family, and also followers sending me snapshots of my pictures when they'd see them. Whether it was in the mall, online, a billboard; anything and anywhere really.

Once in a while people would send me some cute shots of them in the pictures with me! I absolutely loved that! I thought it was such a sweet way to show support. So I thought, instead of having people jus send me these, and then letting them disappear forever... why don't I post them? Thereby showing my appreciation and sharing the love! So that's what I do.

Boom - #posewithshiv was born. I try to post these on instagram every couple of weeks. or whenever I see them pop up on snapchat or on instagram.