Thursday, May 5, 2016

Featured on The Business Model!

Hey everyone - I'm so excited to share that today I was featured on The Business Model. Check out their website at! They are an amazing resource for models all over the world. Their website provides guides to different markets, information about the industry and many resources to help models develop their career and navigate this crazy fashion world. 

And here's a little excerpt of it here:

What changes, if any, would you like to see made in the industry? 
So many. But let’s start with the main three: women of colour, women of different body types and sweatshop labour. The first two are issues of representation, and they’re slowly on their way but this idea of “fast fashion” has to end. People are being paid unfairly, put to work in horrible working conditions, being treated like slaves to the industry – and for what? So you only have to pay $5 for that shirt? I don’t think so, this system isn’t working and we need to come up with a new one.

Want to see more? Here's another little quote where I talked about changes I'd like to see in the industry..

Now go click that link above and check it out!

Please show this publication your support! They're making waves by being on of the only resources of their kind online for models. I appreciate their work so much and I'm so honoured that they chose to feature me today.

Have a good one my babes xx


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