Monday, May 2, 2016


Hey everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful Monday! I wanted to invite you all to join in my hashtag #posewithshiv. I basically started this hashtag because I had a lot of friends and family, and also followers sending me snapshots of my pictures when they'd see them. Whether it was in the mall, online, a billboard; anything and anywhere really.

Once in a while people would send me some cute shots of them in the pictures with me! I absolutely loved that! I thought it was such a sweet way to show support. So I thought, instead of having people jus send me these, and then letting them disappear forever... why don't I post them? Thereby showing my appreciation and sharing the love! So that's what I do.

Boom - #posewithshiv was born. I try to post these on instagram every couple of weeks. or whenever I see them pop up on snapchat or on instagram.

So next time you see a picture of me, instead of just taking a picture of the picture... JUMP IN! And then on instagram: tag me in the picture and use the hashtag #posewithshiv so I can see it. And in a couple days, you'll probably end up on my instagram! (Just please note that my instagram often also gets shared to my twitter, facebook and tumblr, so if you don't want your image out there - then maybe don't jump in the shot haha).

I also get a lot of people sending me shots on snapchat. If you don't already have me on snapchat...ADD ME: liveshiv. If you send me a snap of you with one of my images I'll take a screenshot and also eventually post to my insta.

This also really helps me out because a lot of the time I don't end up seeing my images, because I rarely know when they're gonna come out! So, when you all send me pics it's a reminder that they're out and I can go see them in store or where ever they are.

So go ahead and use that hashtag, tag me and let's all share together! Thank you so much for all of the love and support and great energy that you guys always send my way. I'm sending you all positive vibes. See you soon xx

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