Monday, June 27, 2016

Jesse Williams' BET Awards Power Speech 2016!

I'm just gonna leave this here..

What he's saying holds so much truth and relevance. And it's relatable to all cultures in modern society. Not necessarily on the same level but there are many parallels to be drawn. When people start speaking more like this instead of caressing egos and pretending to be colour blind... that's when real change will happen.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Whitewashing in Hollywood - We can't even get diversity when the roles are written FOR us?!

Ummm....yeah it's a problem.

I've seen uproar about this here and there lately, and of course it irked me but, as I started doing research I found that this "whitewashing" of characters has been an issue for a really long time in Hollywood. I'm not talking about blackface, I'm talking about white actors just straight up playing characters that were written as nonwhite... and no one seems to have an issue with it.

An old example is Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra. A more recent example is Jake Gyllenhaal playing Dastan in Prince of Persia. Basically, instead of trying to find someone who is actually from the correct character in which a character is written, Hollywood goes to the default: white, because you know there's already too many roles for people of colour anyways. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Model Chat with Vanessa! | Shivani Persad

Hey everyone! I'm so happy that I finally have another model chat video to share. This one features my friend Vanessa (who's also a youtuber) and a model in NYC. Join us as we talk about what we love, what we hate, our experience as models of colour and so much more! I really hope you enjoy this video, and if you'd like to see more model chats in the future make sure you let me know in the comments below. As always, don't forget to comment, rate and subscribe as it's always greatly appreciated. Lots of love xoxo

Monday, June 6, 2016

Overly Demonstrative Roles for POC in Media - What's the issue?

Do you ever notice how people are typecast in TV shows or advertisements? I’ve always wanted to bring up this issue of over demonstrative roles/characters because I think it’s such an unspoken problem in our society. 

If there’s a nerd on the show, he’s probably asian. If the show involves Indians, they probably have an accent. If an advertisement/tv show depicts a poor person or a terrorist, that person will more than likely be of colour. If a company is trying to portray a certain product as “tribal” they’ll probably use a black/indian girl. (Or worse, they won’t - but that’s a whole different argument). 

This had always dawned on me in acting. There were rarely people of colour on TV growing up, but when there were they seemed to fit a certain stereotype. Funny black guy, nerdy asian kid, fobby indian friend. There wasn’t much in between. 

But why is this a problem? I mean POC want more representation, and now they’re getting it right? So what’s the issue?

The issue is MASSIVE. And here’s why:

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Collab Video - Models love avocado!

Hey all! I made a collab video with my friend Vanessa who has an amazing vlog/foodie channel. We made these yummy cucumber avocado bites, which came out NOTHING like they were supposed to! But that's okay, that's what makes it interesting :) Be sure to check it out, I'll probably collab with Vanessa again so look forward to that. I also did a video with her for my channel and that's coming out later today - so look out for it. I hope you guys enjoy this video, it was a lot of fun filming it! See ya'll soon! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Year's Resolution - Check in!


Okay babes, let's look back to about 6 months ago when we all made our New Year's Resolutions.

If you didn't see mine you can read them by clicking here!

Remember - we made very specific and tangible goals, so let's look at how we're doing half way through the year.

Meeting with my trainer more and consistently taking class: I've finished sessions with my trainer however I've found that I can achieve the results I want by taking two classes, five days a week and doing a 30 min one-on-one boxing session on shoot days. So I didn't follow those goals exactly, but I've still found a way to reach my body goals!
Making sure I do 20 mins jump rope and 20 mins exercise when I'm not in NYC: I'm not proud here..but this one still needs work. When I'm not in the city I haven't been taking much advantage of hotel gyms etc. But I have to, I'll be working on this one I promise!

Go to at least one tourist attraction per month: Okay so this one hasn't happened exactly as I planned, but I found a way to reach the goal! I noticed that trying to plan to go once a month wasn't working because of my schedule. So instead, I started to make sure I do more touristy excursions when people visit. I'm proud to say I just did a bunch of stuff this weekend! My cousin visited from Toronto and we did so many cool things. I think it works better for me to explore the city when someone visits !

Solidify my regular ecommerce clients: YES! I can proudly say that I've done this! I know who my clients are in the US and Canada now. And I may even have a couple in Europe too soon! The goal now is to keep these and get even more regulars to keep my income consistent.
Booking 5 major campaigns: I've booked some smaller ones so far this year, but I have faith! The year isn't over and I think I'll be able to get some bigger ones under my belt by December!

Completely give up dairy: I'm half of the way there on this one. I'm upset because I really thought I'd be totally vegan by now. But I guess I have to do it all on my own time. I can successfully say I don't drink milk products anymore. However, I'm really struggling with the cheese situation. I just love it so much and it's in so many veggie dishes. HELP!

Get this blog established: I think I'm about half way there on this one too. And I'm working on it everyday. I've found so many cool resources and taken so many online webinars and courses this year so far. I think I'm really on the way to building my brand and getting this blog out there. I've had some posts go really viral - and that's awesome. Now I need to work on consistency, building a community and helping all of my posts be as popular as the viral ones!

How'd you do with your New Year's resolutions? Are you making progress with some and not others? That's totally fine. I mean look at mine, it's a process for sure and sometimes all you need to do is tweak them a little bit. Let me know how your progress is going in the comments below! :)