Hola! My name is Shivani Persad, I'm 25 and I'm a full-time model living in New York City. I used to have a blog with my cousins, glassesnlashes.ca - where we talked about all things: fashion, beauty, tech, music, we had it all! 

Although I loved having that blog, life caught up with us and we couldn't keep it going anymore. I recently rediscovered my love of blogging and so, LIVE SHIV NOW was born! This time it's gonna be a bit more focused on some more specific topics - so look forward to that!

Don't know where to start? Go ahead and click "START HERE" for a better outline of what we do here and liveshivnow.com :)

I'm the kind of girl who doesn't fit into one box. I like lots of different things. Yes I'm a model; but I'm not just interested in fashion and beauty. My main interest is actually politics and intersectional feminism. So, where you'll find tonnes of cool content here about fashion and beauty you'll also find posts that talk about shadeism, body image, cultural appropriation... and everything in between.

This blog can't really be put into one category, because I can't be put into one category. And I don't think anyone should have to be. This blog is a true reflection of me, who I am, what I have to offer and what I think need to be out there in the world. 

I really hope you enjoy all the new content here, I can't wait to create it for you. See you soon!

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